Operational Oceanography in ENEA

ENEA is active in Operational Oceanography from 1994, when EuroGOOS was established in Rome. The organisations is also member of MedGOOS. ENEA set up and implemented Ship Of Opportunity Programme in the Mediterranean. The activity is including the maintenance and development of a forecasting system in the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas.

Operational Oceanography in ENEA is carried out by:

ENEA La Spezia:
Giuseppe M.R. Manzella - Coordination
Franco Reseghetti - Data Management
Leda Pecci - Information System

ENEA Casaccia:
Ernesto Napolitano - Forecast Model
Roberto Iacono - Forecast Model

ENEA Frascati:
Salvatore Marullo - Remote Sensing

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