The Portal is providing data and products on operational activity carried out by ENEA and CNR. Data are coming form Volunteer Observing Ships (VOS) and from Cruises of Opportunity, i.e. research ships providing data in real time over the entire Mediterranean. (on line XBT data extraction)

The VOS program in the Mediterranean Sea was initially built in the framework of the EC project Mediterranean Forecasting System - Pilot Project.

It is continuing under other National and European projects;
ADRICOSM Pilot Project, ADRICOSM Extension, ADRICOSM Star : research projects for sustainable development supported by the Italian Ministry of Environment;
Mediterranean Forecasting System - Toward Environmental Prediction: supported by the European Commission - DG Research;

The activity is now continuing in the framework of the Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network (MOON).

ENEA is now maintaining XBT lines and forecasting the western Italian Seas.

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